1) Can I leave the dumpster in the street?

In most cases, the answer is NO, unless you have a street permit from your local government.

2) Are there any charges aside from rental fees?

No; Prices are Flat Rates and there are no hidden fees or charges.

3) How far can I fill the dumpster over the top?

You can only fill the dumpster to the maximum load level sign or the top rail of the dumpster. Overfilling the dumpster will cause the debris to slide off when the dumpster is loaded onto the truck. It is also against Texas DOT regulations to carry overloaded or overweight dumpsters. We are concerned about safety and will not carry loads that are unsafe.

4) Do I have to call you to pick up the dumpster?

Yes; you will need to contact our office when you are ready for the dumpster to be picked up.

5) What can I put into the dumpster?

Any type of construction debris, demolition debris, bulky waste, yard waste, household furniture, appliances, carpet, renovation debris, Demolition Debris or Foreclosure Cleanouts. We DO NOT ACCEPT BATTERIES, TIRES OR ANY HAZARDOUS MATERIALS.

6) How can I order a dumpster?

Simply contact Tabatha at 817.925.7507 or tabathal@dkhaneyroofing.com and she will get you all set up!